21 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar Wilde

21 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar WildeSelfishness is not Living as one Wishes to Live, It is asking Others to Live as one wishes to Live.

There is only One thing in the World worse than being Talked about and that is Not being Talked about.

An Excellent man, he has No Enemies and None of his Friends like him.

Most people are Other people. Their Thoughts are someone else’s Opinions, Their lives a Mimicry, their Passions a Quotation.

You don’t Love someone for their Looks or their Clothes or for their Fancy car but because they Sing a Song only you can Hear.

There are only Two kinds of people who are really Fascinating: People who know Absolutely Everything and People who Know absolutely Nothing.

The Nicest feeling in the World is to do a Good deed anonymously and have Somebody find out.

The only Good thing to do with Good Advice is pass it On, It is Never of any use to Oneself.

Nothing can cure the Soul but the Senses, Just as nothing can Cure the Senses but the Soul.

It takes Great deal of Courage to see the World in all its Tainted glory and still to Love it.

The World is divided into Two classes, Those who Believe the Incredible and those who Do the Improbable.

There are only Two Tragedies in Life: One is not Getting what one Wants and the Other is Getting it.

There is a Luxury in Self-reproach. When we Blame ourselves, We feel No one else has a Right to Blame us.

Ordinary Riches can be Stolen, Real riches cannot. In your Soul are infinitely Precious things that Cannot be taken from You.

Man is a Rational animal who always Loses his Temper when he is called upon to Act in accordance with the Dictates of Reason.

Life is not Complex. We are Complex. Life is Simple and the Simple thing is the Right thing.

Wickedness is a myth invented by Good people to Account for the Curious attractiveness of Others.

A Bore is someone who Deprives you of Solitude without Providing you with Company.

Live! Live the Wonderful life that is in You! Let nothing be Lost upon you. Be always Searching for New Sensations. Be Afraid of Nothing.


Man is least himself when he - Oscar Wilde Quotes

Man is least himself when he Talks in his Own person. Give him a Mask and He will tell you the Truth.


The Aim of life is Self-development - Oscar Wilde Motivational Quote

The Aim of life is Self-development. To Realize one’s Nature perfectly, that is What each of us is Here for.

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