21 Inspiring Quotes by Mark Twain

21 Inspiring Mark Twain Quotes - Mark Twain Famous Quotes on LifeThousands of Geniuses Live and Die undiscovered – Either by themselves or by Others.

It is Better to Keep your Mouth closed and Let people think you are a Fool than to Open it and Remove all Doubt.

Wisdom is the Reward you get for a Lifetime of Listening, When you would rather have Talked.

Keep away from People who try to Belittle your Ambitions. Small people always Do that but the really Great make you Feel that you, too, can become Great.

With Courage you will Dare to take Risks, have the Strength to be Compassionate and the Wisdom to be Humble. Courage is the Foundation of Integrity.

Life is Short, Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and Never regret anything that Makes you Smile.

Do something every day that You don’t want to do. This is the Golden rule for acquiring the Habit of doing your Duty without Pain.

The two most Important days in your Life are – the day you are Born and the day you Find out Why.

It is better to Deserve Honors and Not have them, than to Have them and not Deserve them.

Never Argue with Stupid people. They will Drag you down to their Level and then Beat you with Experience.

Life does not consist Mainly or even largely, of Facts or Happenings. It consist mainly of the Storm of Thoughts that is forever Flowing through one’s Head.

The Fear of Death follows from the Fear of Life. A Man who lives fully is Prepared to Die at any Time.

When we Remember we are all Mad, the Mysteries disappear and Life stands Explained.

Many a Small thing has been made Large by the Right kind of Advertising.

Forgiveness is the Fragrance that the Violet sheds on the Heel that has Crushed it.

The Man who does not Read has No advantage over the Man who cannot Read.

Don’t go around Saying the World owes you a Living. The World owes you Nothing. It was here First.

If Everybody was Satisfied with Himself, There would be No Heroes.

The Trouble is Not in Dying for a Friend but in Finding a friend Worth dying for.

Dance like Nobody’s Watching, Love like you have Never been Hurt. Sing like Nobody is Listening, Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

Wrinkles should Merely indicate where the Smiles have Been.

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