21 Charlie Dickens Quotes

21 Charlie Dickens Quotes about Different Aspects of LifeHave a Heart that never Hardens and a Temper that never Tires and a Touch that never Hurts.

Reflect upon your Present Blessings, of which Every man has many; Not on your Past Misfortunes, of which all Men have some.

Suffering has been Stronger than all other Teaching and has Taught me to Understand what your Heart used to be.

Family not only need to Consist of merely those whom we Share Blood but also for those whom we would give Blood.

Every Traveler has a Home of his Own and he Learns to appreciate it the more from his Wandering.

A Wonderful fact to Reflect upon, that Every human Creature is constituted to be that Profound Secret and Mystery to Every other.

The Whole difference between Construction and Creation is exactly this: That a thing Constructed can only be Loved after it is Constructed but a thing created is Loved before it Exists.

Heaven knows we need Never be Ashamed of our Tears, for they are Rain upon the blinding Dust of earth, Overlying our Hard hearts.

Cheerfulness and Contentment are Great beautifiers and are famous Preservers of Good looks.

No Varnish can hide the Grain of the Wood and that the more Varnish you put on, the more the Grain will Express itself.

Although a Skillful Flatterer is a most Delightful companion if You have him all to yourself, his Taste becomes very Doubtful when he takes to Complimenting other people.

The Cloud of Caring for Nothing, which Overshadowed him with such a Fatal darkness, was very Rarely pierced by the Light within him.

Electric communication will Never be a Substitute for the Face of someone who with their Soul encourages another person to be Brave and True.

My Advice is, Never do tomorrow What you can do Today. Procrastination is the Thief of Time. Collar him.

I Hope that Real Love and Truth are stronger in the End than any Evil or Misfortune in the world.

Women can always put things in Fewest words. Except when it’s Blowing up and then they Lengthens it out.

A Man is Lucky if he is the First love of a woman. A Woman is Lucky if she is the Last Love of a man.

The Broken Heart. You think you will Die but you just keep Living day after day after Terrible day.

Think now and Then that there is a Man who would Give his Life, To keep a life you Love Beside you.

In the Little world in which Children have their Existence, Whosoever brings them up, There is nothing so finely Perceived and So finely felt as Injustice.

For it is Good to be Children sometimes and Never better than at Christmas, When its mighty Founder was a Child Himself.

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