21 Best Motivational Quotes by Chinese Philosopher Confucius

21 Best Motivational Quotes by Chinese Philosopher ConfuciusLooking at Small Advantages prevents Great affairs from being Accomplished.

When it is Obvious that the Goals cannot be Reached, Don’t adjust the Goals, Adjust the Action steps.

Be Strict with yourself but Least Reproachful of others and Complaint is kept afar.

Learn as if you were not Reaching your Goal and as Though you were Scared of Missing it.

If you Think in terms of A Year – Plant a Seed. If in terms of Ten Years – Plant Trees. If in terms of 100 Years, Teach the People.

Better a Diamond with a Flaw than a Pebble without.

The Will to Win, the Desire to Succeed, the Urge to Reach your Full potential; These are the Keys that will Unlock the Door to Personal excellence.

The Expectations of Life depend upon Diligence, The Mechanic that would Perfect his Work must first Sharpen his Tools.

Give a Bowl of Rice to a Man and you will Feed him for a day. Teach him how to Grow his Own Rice and you will Save his life.

By Three methods we may Learn Wisdom: First, by Reflection, which is Noblest; Second, by Imitation, which is Easiest and Third by Experience, which is the Bitterest.

He who Learns but does not Think, is Lost. He who Thinks but does not Learn is in great Danger.

When you Know a Thing, to Hold that you know it and When you Do not know a Thing, to Allow that you Do not know it – this is Knowledge.

The Gem cannot be Polished without Friction nor Man Perfected without Trial.

Do not be Desirous of having things Done Quickly. Do not look at Small Advantages. Desire to have things done Quickly Prevents their being done Thoroughly.

Success depends upon Previous Preparation and without such Preparation there is Sure to be Failure.

It is Better to Light one Small candle than to Curse the Darkness.

There are Three things to Beware of through Life: When a man is Young, let him Beware of his Appetites; When he is Middle-aged, of his Passions and When Old, of Covetousness, especially.

It is not the Failure of others to Appreciate your Abilities that should Trouble you but rather your Failure to Appreciate theirs.

Wisdom, Compassion and Courage are the Three universally recognized Moral qualities of men.

Go before the people with your Example and be Laborious in their Affairs.

Those who cannot Forgive others Break the Bridge over which they Themselves must Pass.

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