20 Surprising Facts about Sanskrit Language

20 Surprising Facts about Sanskrit Language You Didn't KnowSanskrit is the Oldest language known to Humanity. It is the Oldest, Most technical, Systematic language in the world.

Sanskrit is the only Unambiguous Language in Existence.

Sanskrit has the Perfection of the Pronunciation and the Uniqueness of the Grammar that has remained the Same in all the ages. It is the most Perfect Language of the World.

Sanskrit is known to be the Mother of all Languages of the World. Nearly 97% of all Languages have been Directly or indirectly Influenced by this Language.

The word Sanskrit is a combination of Two words – ‘Sanskar’ and ‘Krit’, ‘Krit’ meaning ‘Inculcating’ and ‘Sanskar’ meaning ‘Essence of Moral Values’.

Sanskrit language has never had any Dialect and in Every age it has always Remained the same.

The Sanskrit vocabulary uses 49 sounds, generated from Five Distinct areas of the Mouth, allowing Phonetic accuracy.

Sanskrit is the most Scientific and most Matured language which has been Refined and Sculpted to Perfection.

Sanskrit has the Power to say a Sentence in a Minimum number of words than any other Language.

There exist many Villages in India where Everyone speaks Sanskrit. Mathur/ Mattur, a village 10 km’s from Shimoga speaks Sanskrit on Daily basis.

As per Forbes Magazina – Sanskrit is the most Computer friendly Language.

America has a University dedicated to Sanskrit and the NASA too has a department in it to Research on Sanskrit Manuscripts.

NASA contains over 60,000 manuscripts of Palm leaf with them Written in Sanskrit under research and Study for the various underlying Ancient technologies in it.

There is a Report given by a Nasa Scientist which says that USA is creating the 6th and 7th generation Super Computers based on the Sanskrit language for the 6th and 7th Generation computers.

17 countries in the World have a University or more to study about Sanskrit but Amazingly there is not a Single university dedicated to Sanskrit for its Real study in India.

Sanskrit was considered as ‘Devbhasha or ‘Devavani’, the Language of the Gods by Ancient Indians. The Script is called Devnagari which means used in the Cities of the Gods.

The World’s Greatest ancient creations Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Geeta, Ayurveda, Purana, Mahabharat and Ramayan all are in Sanskrit. The oldest texts in Sanskrit are among the Oldest in the world.

There is a Sanskrit Daily Newspaper Sudharma, published out of Mysore India, has been Running since 1970 and is now available online as an E-paper.

Sanskrit is the Scholarly Language of three Major World Religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Sanskrit has also been proven to help in Speech Therapy. Research suggests that Learning the Language improves Brain functioning and students improve Academically. Sanskrit enhances Memory power and Concentration.

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