20 Stephen King Quotes about Writer, Books

20 Best Motivational Stephen King Quotes about Writers BooksStephen King is an Extremely popular American Author with over 300 million copies of Novels in Publications. Known as the ‘Master of Horror’, King received the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2002 for his Immense contribution to Horror Writing.


Be a Writer of the Soul.

A Story should Entertain the Writer too.

Description begins in the Writer’s Imagination but should Finish in the Reader’s.

Writing is not Life but I think that Sometimes it can be a Way back to Life.

If You want to be a Writer, You must do Two things above all Others: Read a lot and Write a lot. There is No way around those Two things that I am Aware of, No Shortcut.

Writing is Magic, as much the Water of Life as any other Creative art. The Water is Free. So Drink. Drink and be Filled up.

Writing isn’t about making Money, getting Famous, getting Dates, getting Laid or making Friends. In the end, it’s about Enriching the Lives of those who will Read your Work and Enriching your own Life, as well.

You cannot Hope to Sweep someone else away by the Force of your Writing until it has been done to You.

A Little Talent is a Good thing to have if you want to be a Writer. But the only Real requirement is the Ability to remember every Scar.

When it comes to the Past, Everyone writes Fiction.

Good books don’t Give up all their Secrets at once.

Books are the Perfect Entertainment: no Commercials, no Batteries, Hours of Enjoyment for each dollar Spent. What I wonder is why Everybody doesn’t carry a Book around for those Inevitable dead spots on Life.

Books are a uniquely Portable Magic.

You want to Remember that while you are Judging the Book, the Book is also Judging you.

Books and Movies are like Apples and Oranges. They both are Fruit but Taste completely Different.

Words create Sentences, Sentences create Paragraphs, Sometimes paragraphs Quicken and begin to Breathe.

A Short story is a Different thing all Together – a Short story is like a Kiss in the Dark from a Stranger.

Your Job isn’t to find these Ideas but to Recognize them when they Show up.

Reading a Good long Novel is in many ways like having a Long and Satisfying Affair.

The Most important things are the Hardest things to say. They are the things you get Ashamed of because Words diminish your Feelings – Words shrink things that seem Timeless when they are in your Head to No more than Living Size when they are Brought out.

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