20 Quotes for Life by T.S.Eliot

20 Motivational Quotes on Life by Poet T.S.EliotThomas Stearns Eliot was a Poet, Dramatist, Literary critic and Editor who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948 for “His outstanding, pioneer contribution to present-day poetry”.

Eliot is considered one of the Greatest poets in the English language. His Poems are some of the of the Best-known, including ‘The Waste Land’, ‘Ash Wednesday’ and ‘Four Quartets’.


Only those who will Risk going too far can Possibly find out how Far one can go.

To do the Useful thing, to say the Courageous thing, to Contemplate the Beautiful thing: that is Enough for one Man’s Life.

If you Haven’t the Strength to Impose your own Terms upon Life then you must Accept the terms it Offers you.

Whatever you think, Be sure it is what you Think; whatever you Want, Be sure that is what you want. Whatever you Feel, Be sure that is What you feel.

Anxiety is the Handmaiden of Creativity.

We had the Experience but Missed the Meaning and Approach to the meaning Restores the Experience in a Different form.

For us, there is only the Trying. The Rest is not our Business.

Unreal Friendship may turn to Real But real friendship, once Ended, cannot be Mended.

Only by Acceptance of the Past, can you Alter it.

Only through Time, Time is Conquered.

All our Knowledge brings us Nearer to our Ignorance.

The Journey, not the Destination matters.

Most of the Trouble in the World is caused by People wanting to be Important.

If we really want to Pray we must first Learn to Listen, for in the Silence of the Heart God speaks.

To become What you are not, Behave as You do not.

In the Life of one man, Never the Same time returns.

Keep true, Never be Ashamed of doing Right; decide on what you think is Right and Stick to it.

Our Lives are mostly a Constant evasion of Ourselves.

In Life there is No time to Grieve long.

Every Moment is a Fresh beginning.

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