20 Motivational Quotes by Florence Nightingale

20 Motivational Quotes by Florence Nightingale Lady with the LampsPopularly known as “Lady with the Lamps” Florence Nightingale is the Mother of Modern Nursing. She was an Active social reformer from England. Nightingale received the Tag due her Dedicated efforts to tend the Wounded soldiers during the Crimean War, thus becoming an Icon during the Victorian Era.



Never Lose an Opportunity of Urging a practical beginning, however Small – For it is Wonderful how often in such Matters the Mustard seed germinates and Roots itself.

Were there None who were Discontented with what they Have, the World would Never reach anything Better.

How very Little can be done under the Spirit of Fear.

Rather, Ten times, Die in the surf, heralding the way to a New world than Stand idly on the Shore.

Live life When you have it. Life is a Splendid gift – There is Nothing Small about it.

That Religion is Not Devotion but Work and Suffering for the Love of God. This is the True doctrine of Mystics.

Mankind must make Heaven before we can ‘Go to heaven’, in this World as in any Other.

Never dispute with Anybody who Wishes to Contradict you.

Never Give nor Take an Excuse.

By Mortifying vanity we do Ourselves No good. It is the Want of Interest in our Life which produces it. By filling up that Want of Interest in our Life we can alone Remedy it.

The Greatest Heroes are those who Do their Duty in the daily grind of Domestic affairs whilst the World whirls as a Maddening Dreidel.

Woman has Nothing but her Affections and this Makes her at once More Loving and Less Loved.

Mysticism: to Dwell on the Unseen, to Withdraw ourselves from the Things of Sense into Communion with God. To Endeavor to Partake of the Divine nature, that is, of Holiness.

Life is a Hard fight, a Struggle, a Wrestling with the Principle of Evil, hand to hand, foot to foot. Every inch of the way is Disputed. The Night is given us to take Breath, to Pray, to drink deep at the Fountain of Power. The Day, to use the Strength which has been Given us, to go Forth to work with it till the Evening.



Wise and Humane management of the Patient is the best Safeguard against Infection.

Nursing is an Art: and If it is to be made an Art, It requires an Exclusive Devotion as hard a Preparation as any Painter’s or Sculptor’s work.

Apprehension, Uncertainty, Waiting, Expectation, Fear of surprise, do a Patient more Harm than any Exertion.

Nature alone Cures. What Nursing has to do, is to put the Patient in the Best condition for Nature to Act upon him.

Unnecessary Noise is the most Cruel abuse of Care which can be Inflicted on either the Sick or the Well.

The Most important practical Lesson that can be given to Nurses is to Teach them what to Observe – How to Observe – What Symptoms indicate Improvement – What the Reverse – Which are of Importance – Which are of none – Which are the Evidence of Neglect – and of What kind of Neglect.

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