20 Interesting n Fun Facts about Lemons

20 Interesting and Fun Facts about LemonsThe name Lemon is said to have been derived from an Asian word for ‘Sour fruit’. Lemons are technically Berries.

Lemons turn from Green to Yellow because of Temperature changes. Lemon is an Evergreen tree, Thus their Colors change with the Temperature. It is Not because of Ripeness.

Lemon trees can Produce up to 600 pounds in a Year and can Grow up to 20 feet Tall.

A Lemon tree can Live until its 50 years old but with Proper care and Maintenance, It can Live over 100 years.

There are Three common Lemons which are Bearss, Eureka and Lisbon.

India is the Largest lemon Producer in the World. India produces approximately 3 million tons of Lemons per year.

Lemons used to be so Rare that Kings used to Present them to Each other as Gifts.

During the Renaissance, Ladies used the juice of a Lemon to Redden their lips.

During the California Gold Rush in 1849, Miners were willing to pay Huge amounts of Money for a Single lemon.

Wealthy Victorians grew Lemons trees in their homes as a Sign of Prestige and to be a Fragrant.

The Heaviest Lemon was 11 pounds, 9.7 ounces in 2003.

In February and March, Menton in the French Riviera celebrates an Annual lemon Festival.

Lemons are the only Food in the World that is Anionic (negatively charged ions). All Other foods are Cationic (positively charged ions).

Sprinkling the Juice on other fruits can Prevent them Turning brown.

Lemon juice and Hot water is good for a Sore throat as it is Anti-bacterial.

Lemons are Nature’s best Insect repellent. You can use Lemons to Ward off bugs at home, Just rub Lemon peel on your Skin or surfaces at Home.

One Lemon fruit contains about 51% of your Daily recommended vitamin C intake.

Lemon juice can Destroy many deadly Bacteria. These Fruits have Antibacterial properties that Work against cholera, diphtheria, malaria and typhoid.

A Bowl of Fresh lemons makes an Easy, Effortless air freshener. Placing a bowl of Fresh lemons in your room will not only add Decoration to it but the Aroma will Relax you.

Honey and Lemon taken together can help Reduce your Extra weight.

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