20 Best and Famous Dr.Seuss Quotes

20 Best and Famous Dr.Seuss Quotes to Motivate YouDr. Seuss was a Writer and Cartoonist whose work conquered the Heart of Every Child and put a Smile on the face of every Adult. He published over 60 books including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Cat in the Hat and many others.

For his Special contribution to Children’s literature, Dr. Seuss was Awarded The Pulitzer Prize, an Academy Award, Three Emmy and Three Grammy Awards.


To the World you may be One Person but to One Person you may be the World.

Sometimes you will Never know the Value of Something until it becomes a Memory.

Don’t Cry because it’s Over. Smile because it Happened.

If Things start happening, Don’t Worry, Don’t Stew, just go Right along and You will start Happening too.

Think left and Think right and Think low and Think high. Oh, the Things you can think Up if only you Try.

Be Who you are and Say what you Feel because Those who Mind don’t matter and Those who Matter don’t Mind.

Sometimes the Questions are Complicated and the Answers are Simple.

You are on your Own and You know What you know and You are the One, Who will decide Where to Go.

You have Brains in your Head. You have Feet in your Shoes. You can Steer yourself any Direction you Choose.

You can get Help from Teachers but You are going to have to Learn a lot by Yourself, Sitting alone in a Room.

It’s not About what it is, It’s about What it can Become.

The More that you Read, the More things you will Know. The More that you Learn, the More places you will Go.

You know you are in Love, When you can’t Fall Asleep because Reality is finally Better than your Dreams.

People are Weird. When we find Someone with Weirdness that is Compatible with Ours, We team up and call it Love.

Step with Care and Great tact and Remember that Life is a Great balancing act.

It is better to know How to Learn, than to Know.

Nothing is going to Change, Unless someone Does something Soon.

Fantasy is a Necessary ingredient in Living, It’s a way of Looking at Life through the Wrong end of a Telescope.

Children want the Same things we want. To Laugh, to be Challenged, to be Entertained and Delighted.

Life is too Short to Wake up with Regrets. So Love the people who Treat you right, Forgive the ones who Don’t and Believe that Everything happens for a Reason. If you get a Chance, Take it. If it Changes your life, Let it. Nobody said it’d be Easy, They just Promised it would be Worth it.

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