19 Quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci

19 Quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci - Quotes abt Human NatureNature is the Source of all true Knowledge. She has her own Logic, her own Laws, She has No effect without cause nor Invention without Necessity.

Human subtlety will Never devise an Invention more Beautiful, more Simple or more Direct than does Nature because in her Inventions nothing is Lacking and Nothing is Superfluous.

Although Nature commences with Reason and Ends in Experience, It is Necessary for us to do the Opposite. That is to Commence with Experience and from this to proceed to Investigate the Reason.

Anyone who Conducts an Argument by appealing to Authority is not using his Intelligence, He is just using his Memory.

Wherever Good Fortune enters, Envy lays siege to the Place and Attacks it and When it Departs, Sorrow and Repentance remain behind.

Experience never Errs, It is only your Judgments that err by Promising themselves Effects such as are Not caused by your Experiments.

Life is pretty Simple: You do some Stuff, most Fails, some Works. You do More of what Works. If it Works big, others quickly Copy it  then you do Something else. The Trick is the doing Something else.

Like a kingdom Divided, which Rushes to its Doom, the Mind that engages in Subjects of too Great variety becomes Confused and Weakened.

It is an Acknowledged fact that we Perceive Errors in the Work of Others more readily than in our Own.

If you Find from your own Experience that something is a Fact and It contradicts what some Authority has written down, then you must Abandon the Authority and Base your Reasoning on your own Findings.

Truly Man is the King of Beasts, for his Brutality exceeds Them. We Live by the Death of others. We are Burial places.

We must Doubt the Certainty of Everything which passes through the Senses but How much more Ought we to doubt things Contrary to the Senses, such as the Existence of God and the Soul.

The Human bird shall take his First flight, Filling the words with Amazement, all Writings with his Fame and Bringing eternal glory to those whose Nest whence he Sprang.

Man has much Power of Discourse which for the most part is Vain and False, Animals have but Little but it is Useful and True and a Small truth is better than a Great Lie.

Truth at last cannot be Hidden. Dissimulation is of No Avail. Dissimulation is to No Purpose before so great a Judge. Falsehood puts on a Mask. Nothing is Hidden under the Sun.

The Acquisition of Knowledge is always of use to the Intellect because it may thus Drive out Useless things and Retain the Good. For nothing can be Loved or Hated unless it is first Known.

Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of Art. Study the art of Science. Develop your Senses – especially Learn how to see. Realize that everything Connects to everything else.

There are Three Classes of People: Those who See, Those who See when they are Shown, Those who do not See.

Iron rusts from Disuse, Stagnant water loses its Purity and in Cold weather becomes Frozen, Even so does Inaction sap the Vigor’s of the Mind.

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