19 Emma Watson Quotes

19 Emma Watson Quotes - Quotes about Life n Gender InequalityThe Face of Feminism, Emma Watson has Never shied away from Raising her voice against Gender inequality. Similar to her Famous on-screen Character “Hermione Granger” in the Harry Potter series. She has also been a Spokesperson at the UN.


The Less you Reveal, the More people can Wonder.

If not Me, Who? If not Now, When?

Don’t Feel stupid If you Don’t like what Everyone else Pretends to Love.

What gets Scary is, When your Self-worth is tied up in, What Strangers Think of you.

There is nothing Interesting about looking Perfect – You Lose the Point. You want what you are Wearing to say Something about you, about Who you are.

Beauty is something that Comes from Within.

If we Stop Defining each other by What we are Not and Start Defining ourselves by What we are, We can all be Freer.

It’s a Journey and the Sad thing is you only Learn from Experience, So as much as Someone can tell you Things, You have to go out There and Make your own Mistakes in order to Learn.

If you truly Pour your Heart into What you Believe in, Even if it makes you Vulnerable, Amazing things can and Will happen.

It is very Important if you Know What you Want, understand Where you are Heading towards and Try your best to Get it. It is only when we Use our Hearts to do it and fall in Love with what we are Doing, then can we really get Real Determination.

It’s not the Absence of Fear. It’s Overcoming it. Sometimes you have got to Blast through and have Faith.

Girls should Never be Afraid to be Smart.

The Saddest thing a Girl can do is Dumb herself down for a Guy.

Young girls are told you have to be the Delicate Princess. Hermione taught them that you can be the Warrior.

Don’t let anyone tell you What you can and can’t Do or Achieve. Do what you Want to Do and be who you want to be. Just Encourage and include Each other. Don’t ostracize the Gender in front of you.

Both Men and Women should feel Free to be Sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be Strong. It is Time that we all Perceive gender on a Spectrum, not as two Opposing sets of Ideas.

It’s Amazing, people get so Detached from what they Eat and what they Wear. No one has any Contact with how things are Made that are put in their Body and put in their Mouths and I just find it Alarming that No one questions it.

The Entertainment industry is pretty Nuts and having had that Experience outside of it and Going to University has really made a Big Difference.

People don’t really Understand but having people Stare and point and take Pictures, even if it is in a Positive framework, is quite Isolating. There’s No two ways about it. You Feel a little bit, you know, Freakish.

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