18 Quotes for Life by Dalai Lama

18 Quotes for Life by Dalai Lama - Motivational QuotesIt is Under the Greatest Adversity that there Exists the Greatest Potential for doing Good, both for Oneself and Others.

People take Different roads seeking Fulfillment and Happiness. Just Because they are Not on your Road doesn’t Mean they have gotten Lost.

Give the Ones you Love wings to Fly, Roots to come back and Reasons to Stay.

It is very Rare or almost Impossible that an Event can be Negative from all Points of View.

The World doesn’t belong to Leaders. The World belongs to all Humanity.

Time passes Unhindered. When we make Mistakes, We cannot turn the Clock back and Try again. All we can do is use the Present well.

A Spoon cannot Taste of the food it Carries. Likewise, a Foolish man cannot Understand the Wise man’s Wisdom even if He associates with a Sage.

Remember that the Best Relationship is one in which your Love for each other Exceeds your Need for Each other.

Our Prime purpose in this Life is to Help Others. And if you can’t Help them, At least don’t Hurt them.

If a Problem is Fixable, If a Situation is such that You can do Something about it, then there is No need to Worry. If It’s not Fixable, then there is No Help in Worrying. There is No Benefit in worrying whatsoever.

To remain Indifferent to the Challenges we face is Indefensible. If the Goal is Noble, Whether or not it is Realized within our Lifetime is largely Irrelevant. What we must do therefore is to Strive and Persevere and Never give up.

Take into Account that Great Love and Great Achievements involve Great Risk.

The Ultimate Authority must always Rest with the Individual’s own Reason and Critical Analysis.

All Suffering is caused by Ignorance. People inflict Pain on others in the Selfish pursuit of their own Happiness or Satisfaction.

A Good Friend who points out Mistakes and Imperfections and Rebukes Evil is to be Respected as if he Reveals the secret of some Hidden Treasure.

Anger or Hatred is like a Fisherman’s Hook. It is very Important for us to Ensure that we are Not Caught by it.

Irrespective of whether we are Believers or Agnostics, whether we Believe in God or karma, Moral Ethics is a Code which everyone is able to Pursue.

When we meet Real Tragedy in Life, we can React in two ways – Either by losing Hope and Falling into Self-destructive Habits or by using the Challenge to find our Inner Strength.

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