18 Interesting Facts about Nails

18 Interesting Facts about Nails - Human Finger and Toe Nails FactsMost important Function of Nails is to provide a Visual advertisement of the overall Health of a Person.

Human nails are made of Keratin. It is actually a Protective protein that also makes up our Hair. However, Arrangement of Keratin molecules in Hair is completely different from arrangement of Keratin molecules in nails. This is why Nails are Tougher than hair.

Nails are designed for Protecting not only the Fingertips and Toe tips but also the surrounding Soft tissue from any External injuries.

Fingernails have a Faster growth rate compared to Toe nails. Fingernails grow at a rate of 3.5 mm per month while Toe nails only Manage 1.6 mm a month.

White spots on nails outcomes of some kind of Trauma that befell nail plates or the matrix which essentially is the source of the nail plate.

When Nails are used to Scratch a Chalkboard, people Cringe. This happens because the Sound produced by the Scratching is Amplified inside the ears due to the Shape of the Ear canals.

Nails tell us a lot about our Overall Health. Color of the Nails, their shape, their size etc. can actually Help doctors identify several Health conditions. For example, nails can be slightly Blueish in colors and this may indicate Lung problems.

Nails never Sweat because they do not have any Sweat glands. Whatever Sweat we see around the nails actually come from the Surrounding skin.

Nails grow at a Faster rate in Males compared to Females.

The Nail on Middle finger has Fastest growth rate while the nail on Thumb has Slowest growth rate.

10% of all Known Dermatological conditions known today are related to Nails. Fungal infections, Bacterial infections, Vertical lines and Ingrown toe nails are some of common Nail disorders.

Scientists have found out that Excessive stress can actually Inhibit growth of Nails in individuals.

Nails grow faster in Summer months compared to Winter months.

Children between the age of 10 and 18 have the Habit of biting Nails. This is not really harmful but of course it is Unsanitary.

The Habit of Nail Biting has a Medical name and is known as Onychophagia.

Typing with your Nails will actually Stimulate their Growth and has a Similar effect to a Nail massage.

Cuticles have a Crucial role in Maintaining nail health. Maintaining strong cuticles will Ensure your fingernails stay Moisturized and keep the Bacteria out.

Most of the Mammals have Claws and the Primates have fingernails.

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