18 Interesting Facts about Colors

18 Interesting Fun Facts about Colors and Its Different UseThe Sun is actually White. When viewed from Space or a High altitude, It appears in Its true color of White. When viewed from a Low altitude, Atmospheric rendering makes it appear to be Yellowish.

Red Is the First Color a Baby Sees. The number of Colors they are able to see Continues to Grow until they see the Full spectrum of colors by the Age of about five months.

Dark gray that your Eyes see as soon as you turn Off the lights – Just before complete Darkness takes over or your Eyes, adjust to the Lack of Light is known as Eigengrau.

While Blue might be Men’s favorite color, Red is what attracts them. Therefore, Men are more Attracted to Women dressed in Red.

Red and Yellow are the most Appetizing Colors. Combination of these two colors Boosts the Appetite of the average Person.

The Exact same thing can Taste Different depending on the Color of the dish in which it is Served.

Poultry farmers use a variety of lighting tactics to Elicit different behaviors in Chickens. Red-tinted lights have been found to have a Calming effect on the Birds reducing Cannibalism and Feather picking while Blue-green light stimulates Growth and Orange-red stimulates Reproduction.

The Color Pink has been found to have Palliative effects on People.

We are more likely to Remember something that we see in Color than something we see in Black and White.

Colors affect our Depth perception. We perceive Warm colors as being Closer to us while Cool colors as Farther.

The Color yellow can cause Nausea, so it is avoided in Airplanes. Also, Pure bright yellow is believed to be the most Irritating color due to its Excessive stimulation to the Eye.

The Most common color for Highlighters is Yellow because it doesn’t Leave a Shadow on the Page when Photocopied.

Chromophobia is a Persistent, Irrational fear of Colors.

The Safest Car color was determined to be White. It is the most Visible color under All conditions except Snow.

Your veins look Blue because Subcutaneous fat only allows Blue light to Penetrate skin all the way to Veins, so this is the color that is Reflected back.

Night vision Goggles use Green phosphor because the Human eye can Differentiate more shades of Green than any other color allowing for Greater Differentiation of objects in the Picture.

Color blind people tend to have Better Night vision.

Crayola’s most senior Crayon molder, Emerson Moser, when he was Retiring after 37 years and Molding approximately 1.4 billion crayons, Revealed that he was actually Color blind.

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