18 Fascinating Facts about Rainbow

18 Fascinating and Fun Facts about Rainbow for KidsRainbows are formed when Light is reflected through Water droplets from Rain shower. Basically, they are many little Arches that Merge together and form a Big arch up, creating a Techni-colored sky.

A Rainbow Arch is a 42-degree angle starting from the Direction opposite from the Sun.

A Person standing next to you is standing in a Slightly different spot and sees the Rainbow different because they see different Raindrops.

You cannot Touch a Rainbow as It has no Physical appearance.

On the Ground, we only see a Semi-circle rainbow but from very High up, such as on an Airplane, You can see a Rainbow in a Complete Circle.

The State of Hawaii is Home to the most Rainbows than any other area on Earth.

There is No set Number of colors in a Rainbow because of Each hue Blends into the Next without a Hard boundary.

According to Greek Mythology, the Rainbow is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Earth is the only Planet in the Solar system where Rainbows are Possible.

We can’t see Rainbows in the Winter because in the Winter raindrops freeze into Snowflakes so fewer raindrops Fall.

A Rainbow is not Located at a Specific distance from the Observer.

Double rainbows occur when Light bounces inside the Water droplet more than Once.

A Monochrome or Red Rainbow is a very Rare variation of Rainbow, Normally observed at either Sunrise or Sunset.

Between a Rainbow and its Double the sky is Darker because Light reflected in Raindrops in this part Does not reach the Observer. This area has a name: an Alexander’s band.

Unlike a Double rainbow that consists of two Separate and Concentric rainbow arcs, the very Rare Twinned rainbow appears as two Rainbow arcs that Split from a Single base.

Upside down rainbows sometimes occur they are also known as Sun Smiles. They form when the Sunlight reflects through Ice crystals.

Fogbow a phenomenon similar to a Rainbow, produced by Sunlight shining on Fog.

Moonbows rainbows occur when the Moon’s light Reflects through the Raindrop.

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