17 Best Eminem Quotes on Life n Music

17 Most Powerful Quotes by Eminem abt Life and MusicEminem is an American rapper, Songwriter, Music producer, Record executive and Actor. He is among the World’s Best selling Artists of all time with over 47 million Albums and 220 million records sold.


The Truth is you don’t know What is going to Happen tomorrow. Life is a Crazy ride and nothing is Guaranteed.

Everybody has Goals, Aspirations or whatever and Everybody has been at a Point in their Life where nobody Believed in them.

If People take anything from my Music, It should be Motivation to know that Anything is Possible as long as you keep Working at it and Don’t back down.

You don’t get Another chance, Life is No Nintendo game.

You have got Enemies? Good, that Means you actually Stood up for something.

You can make Something of your Life. It just Depends on your Drive.

Cause sometimes, you just Feel tired. Feel weak and when you feel Weak, you Feel like you wanna just Give up. But you gotta Search within you. You gotta find that Inner strength and get that Motivation to not give up and not be a Quitter.

Behind every Successful person lies a Pack of Haters.

Love is just a Word but you bring it Definition.

God gave you them Shoes to fit you, so Put them on and Wear them. Be Yourself man, be Proud of who you are. Even if it Sounds corny, Don’t let No one tell you, you ain’t Beautiful.

It Happens all the Time. They take your Heart and Steal your Life. And it’s as though you Feel you have died because you have been Killed inside. But yet you are still Alive, which means you will Survive.

There is No mountain I can’t Climb. There is No tower too High. No plane that I can’t Learn how to Fly.

Dealing with Backstabbers, there was one thing I Learned. They are only Powerful when you got your Back turned.

Hip-hop is Ever changing but you will Always have the Pack. And you will Always have those people who are Separated from the Pack.

The Emotions in a Song – the Anger, Aggression – have got to be Legitimate.

People can try to Reinvent themselves. I Don’t think you can Really change Who you are, though because who you are is pretty much where you Came from and what you have Done up to now.

You better Lose yourself in the Music. The Moment, you Own it, you better Never Let it go. You only get one Shot, do not miss your Chance to blow. This Opportunity comes once in a Lifetime.

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