16 Motivational Quotes by Elon Musk

16 Motivational Quotes by Elon Musk Successful EntrepreneurElon Musk is an Entrepreneur, Business magnate, Investor, Engineer and Inventor. The Founder of Solar City, Tesla and SpaceX. He became a Multimillionaire in his late 20’s.



It is Possible for Ordinary people to Choose to be Extraordinary.

Persistence is very Important. You should not Give up unless you are Forced to give up.

The First step is to establish that Something is Possible then Probability will Occur.

When Something is important Enough, You do it Even if the Odds are Not in your Favor.

It’s Ok to have your Eggs in one Basket as long as you Control what happens to that Basket.

What makes Innovative thinking Happen? – It’s really a Mindset. You have to Decide.

People should Pursue what they are Passionate about. That will make them Happier than Pretty much anything else.

You shouldn’t do things Differently just because They are Different. They need to be – Better.

Life is too Short for Long-term Grudges.

Some people Don’t like Change but you need to Embrace change if the Alternative is Disaster.

Failure is an Option here. If things are Not Failing, You are not Innovating enough.

If you Get up in the Morning and think the Future is going to be Better, It is a Bright day. Otherwise, It’s not.



People Work better when they know what the Goal is and Why. It is Important that people look Forward to coming to Work in the Morning and enjoy Working.

Work like Hell. I mean you just have to Put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. This Improves the Odds of Success. If Other people are putting in 40 hour workweeks and You are putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if You are doing the Same thing, you know that you will Achieve in Four months what it takes them a Year to Achieve.

Don’t delude yourself into Thinking something’s Working when it’s Not, or you are gonna get Fixated on a Bad Solution.

It is very Important to like the People you Work with, otherwise Life and Your Job is gonna be quite Miserable.

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