16 Interesting Facts about Stars

16 Interesting and Mind Blowing Fun Facts about Stars for KidsMilky Way galaxy, where our Solar system belongs is said to have 100 billion Stars. Scientists estimate that there are likely to be over 100 billion to 1 trillion Galaxies in the Universe.

Stars are formed from Dense knots contained in large clouds of Dust and gas called Nebulae.

Stars look like Cute white colored ice cream but actually they contains full of very Hot gas contaminated with its Own Gravity.

Every day, Approximately 275 million New stars are formed in the Universe.

The Hottest stars are blue, followed by white, yellow, orange, red and the Coolest stars are brown.

Stars don’t actually Twinkle. As the Light of a star Travels into your realm of Vision turbulence in Earth’s atmosphere cause Disturbances in the light’s path, Creating the illusion that a star is Twinkling.

The Larger the star, the Shorter the Lifespan.

It is estimated as Humans can see up to 2000 to 3000 stars at Night even with Dark night.

Our Sun was formed 4600 million years ago and is Expected to live a total of 10,000 million years.

The Sun Constitutes 99% of the total mass of our Solar system.

Our Sun is a ‘Green star’ or rather a Green-Blue star, as its Actual color borders these two Shades. Once influenced by its surroundings the Sun appears to be White or Yellow to us Humans looking up from planet Earth.

The Sun is the closest star to Earth but it is still located 4.24 light years away. It would take 70,000 years in our Fastest Spacecraft to reach the Sun.

Sun including the Entire solar system is Moving. It revolves around the Milky Way but at a very Slow rate of 828,000 kilometers per hour.

Three out of Every five solar systems in the Universe have Two Stars at their Center instead of one.

The most common type of Star is a Red dwarf. These stars are less than Half of the Sun’s Mass and Size.

The Biggest known star is an Unstable red hyper giant called NML Cygni, about 5,500 light years from Earth. The Smallest star is OGLE-TR-122b, a Tiny red dwarf only slightly larger than Jupiter and with just a Tenth the Mass of the Sun.

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