15 Business Quotes by Elon Musk

15 Business Quotes by Elon MuskA Company is a group Organized to create a Product or Service and it is only as Good as its people and how Excited they are about Creating.

If you are trying to Create a Company, It’s like Baking a Cake. You have to have all the Ingredients in the Right Proportion.

When somebody has a Breakthrough Innovation, It is Rarely One little thing. It’s usually a Whole bunch of things that Collectively amount to a Huge Innovation.

If Something has to be Designed and Invented and you have to Figure out how to Ensure that the Value of the Thing you Create is greater than the Cost of the Inputs.

Starting and Growing a business is as much about the Innovation, Drive and Determination of the people behind it as the Product they Sell.

The Single best piece of Advice: Constantly Think about how you could be Doing things Better and Questioning yourself.

The Path to the CEO’s office should Not be through the CFO’s office and It should not be through the Marketing department. It Needs to be through Engineering and Design.

If you are co-founder or CEO, You have to do all Kinds of Tasks you might not want to do. If you don’t do your Chores, the Company won’t Succeed. No Task is too Menial.

Brand is just a Perception and Perception will match Reality over Time. Sometimes it will be Ahead, other times it will be Behind. But Brand is simply a Collective impression some have about a Product.

It is a Mistake to Hire huge numbers of people to get a Complicated job done. Numbers will Never compensate for Talent in getting the Right answer, will tend to Slow down Progress and will make the Task incredibly Expensive.

Talent is Extremely important. It’s like a Sports team, the Team that has the best Individual player will often Win but then there is a Multiplier from how those players Work Together and the Strategy they Employ.

There are really Two things that have to Occur in order for a New Technology to be Affordable to the Mass market. One is you need Economies of Scale. The other is you Need to iterate on the Design. You need to Go through a few Versions.

Really pay Attention to Negative feedback and Solicit it, particularly from Friends. Hardly anyone does that and It’s incredibly Helpful.

It is very important to have a Feedback Loop, where you are Constantly thinking about what you have Done and How you could be doing it Better.

Being an Entrepreneur is like Eating glass and staring into the Abyss of Death.

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