14 Inspirational Thoughts by Ralph Waldo Emerson

14 Inspirational Thoughts and Quotes by Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Good news is that the Moment you decide that What you know is More important than what you have been Taught to Believe, You will have Shifted Gears in your Quest for abundance. Success comes from Within, not from Without.

Better to know a Few things which are Good and Necessary than many things which are Useless and Mediocre.

Great men are they who see that Spiritual is Stronger than any Material force, that Thoughts Rule the World.

Finish each day and be Done with it. You have Done what you could. Some Blunders and Absurdities, No Doubt crept in. Forget them as soon as you can, Tomorrow is a New day, Begin it well and serenely, with too High a Spirit to be cumbered with your Old nonsense.

Enthusiasm is One of the most Powerful engines of Success. When you do a thing, do it with all your Might. Put your Whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own Personality. Be Active, be Energetic, be Enthusiastic and Faithful and you will Accomplish your Object.

Do not Waste yourself in Rejection, Nor bark against the Bad but Chant the Beauty of the Good.

He that Does not fill a Place at Home, cannot abroad. He only goes there to Hide his Insignificance in a Larger crowd.

Don’t Waste life in Doubts and Fears. Spend yourself on the Work before you, well assured that the Right Performance of this Hour’s duties will be the Best preparation for the Hours and ages that will Follow it.

Society Everywhere is in Conspiracy against the manhood of Every one of its Members. the Virtue in most request is Conformity. Self-reliance is its Aversion. It Loves not Realities and Creators but Names and Customs.

Cultivate the Habit of being Grateful for every Good thing that comes to you and to give Thanks continuously. And because all things have Contributed to your Advancement, You should include all things in your Gratitude.

It is Easy in the world to Live after the World’s Opinion. It is Easy in Solitude to live after our Own but the Great man is he Who in the midst of the Crowd keeps with Perfect Sweetness the independence of Solitude.

When you were Born you were Crying and Everyone else was Smiling. Live your Life so at the End, You are the one who is Smiling and Everyone else is Crying.

Treat a man as he is and He will Remain as he is. Treat a man as he Could be and he will Become what he Should be.

Insist on Yourself, Never Imitate. Your own Gift you can offer with the Cumulative force of a whole Lif

e’s Cultivation, but of the adopted Talent of another, you have only an Extemporaneous, Half possession.

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