12 Interesting Playing Cards Facts

12 Interesting Facts about Playing CardsIt is Believed that the First printed card Deck was made around 13 centuries ago and Consisted of only 32 cards, which included All Combinations of a Pair of dice. The Decks were initially Printed on paper, wood and even bone.

Over the Centuries, Decks of Cards have come in Variations of 24, 36, 40, 48 and just about any Amount in between.

Just like there are 52 cards in a Standard deck, There are also 52 weeks in a Year and if you Add up all the symbols in a deck of cards, it Equals the same Amount of days in a year that is 365.

The Rarest and Oldest deck of cards is considered to be a 52-card Tarot deck from mid-15th Century Netherlands.

The Four suits also Represent the four Natural elements: Hearts represents Water, Clubs represents Fire, Diamonds represents Earth, Spades represents Air.

The World’s Largest manufacturer of Playing cards is the United States Playing Card Company. Their Product line includes many of the most well-known Brands of cards including Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, Tally-Ho and many others.

Specially constructed Decks were sent to American soldiers who were being held in German camps during World War II. What made these cards so Unique was, Once they became Wet, they peeled apart. Inside, the Prisoners found parts of Maps that would Lead them to Freedom.

The King of Hearts is the only King without a Mustache and is the only King with a Sword through his Head, otherwise known as the “Suicide King”.

52 cards Represents the 52 weeks in a Year. 4 Suits represents the 4 Seasons. 13 cards in Each suit represents the 13 weeks in each Season. 12 Royals represent the 12 Months. 2 red and 2 black Suits represent the 4 different Solstices.

Each of the Suits on a deck of cards in a card game represents the four major pillars of the economy in the Middle Ages: Hearts represented the Church, Spades represented the military, Clubs represented agriculture and Diamonds represented the merchant class.

The Negative Space between all the Pips on the Eight of Diamonds actually Depicts the figure Eight.

Most Casino playing Cards are made of Plastic for two main reasons: First, They are better for Frequent handling and Last much longer than Paper cards. Second, They are significantly more Difficult to Write on, which in Turn, makes it Hard for players to Try and Cheat.

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