10 Most Inspiring Thoughts by Steve Jobs

10 Most Inpsiring Steve Jobs Quotes - Work n Success Bussiness QuotesWhen you First start off trying to Solve a Problem, the First solutions you come up with are very Complex and Most people Stop there. But if you Keep going and Live with the Problem and Peel more layers of the onion off, You can often times Arrive at some very Elegant and Simple solutions. Most people just Don’t put in the Time or Energy to get there.

My Model for Business is The Beatles. They were Four guys who kept Each other’s kind of Negative tendencies in Check. They Balanced each other and the total was Greater than the Sum of the Parts. That’s How I see Business: Great things in Business are Never done by One person, They are done by a Team of People.

When you are a Carpenter making a Beautiful Chest of drawers, You are not going to Use a piece of Plywood on the Back, Even though it Faces the wall and Nobody will see it. You will know it’s there, So you are going to Use a Beautiful piece of Wood on the Back. For you to Sleep well at Night, the Aesthetic, the Quality, has to be carried all the Way through.

Your Work is going to Fill a large part of your Life and the only way to be Truly satisfied is to do What you Believe is Great work and the Only way to do Great work is to Love what you Do. If You haven’t found it yet, Keep looking. Don’t settle. As with All matters of the Heart, You will know When you find it.

If You just Sit and Observe, you will see how Restless your Mind is. If you Try to Calm it, it only makes it Worse but Over time it does Calm and When it Does, there’s room to Hear more Subtle things – That’s when your Intuition starts to Blossom and you Start to see things more Clearly and be in the Present more. Your Mind just Slows down, and you see a Tremendous Expanse in the Moment. You See so much More than you could see before. It’s a Discipline, you have to Practice it.

When you ask Creative people How they did something, They feel a little Guilty because they Didn’t really do it, They just saw Something. It seemed Obvious to them after a While. That’s because They were able to Connect Experiences they have had and Synthesize new things.

To Design something really well, You have to Get it. You have to Really Grok what it’s all About. It takes a Passionate Commitment to really thoroughly Understand something, Chew it up, Not just quickly Swallow it. Most people don’t take the Time to do that.

I am Convinced that about Half of what Separates the Successful entrepreneurs from the Non-successful ones is Pure Perseverance. It is so Hard. You put so much of your Life into this Thing. There are such Rough moments in Time that I think most people Give up. I don’t Blame them. It’s really Tough and it Consumes your Life.

Don’t take it all too Seriously. If you want to Live your Life in a Creative way, as an Artist, you have to Not look back too much. You have to be Willing to take Whatever you have Done and whoever you Were and Throw them away.

It’s a lot of Hard work and it’s a lot of Worrying Constantly and if you don’t Love it, You are going to Fail. So you have got to Love it and you have got to have Passion and I think that’s the High-order bit.

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