10 Interesting Facts about Human Heart and Brain

10 Interesting and Facinating Facts about Human Heart10 Interesting Facts about Human Heart

Heart has its own Electric Impulse, That’s why it can Continue to Beat even When separated from Body as long as it has an adequate supply of Oxygen.

The Beating sound that Heart makes is caused by Opening and Closing of Valves.

Laughing is Good for Heart because it Reduces Stress and Give boost to Immune System.

All of the Blood in your body Travels through your Heart once a Minute.

Pressure a Human heart Generates is Strong enough to Squirt blood thirty feet across a room.

Volume of Blood pump by hear can vary over a wide Range, from 5 to 30 liters per minute.

Your Heart does the most Physical Work than any other muscle.

Heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of Blood, each day to almost 75 trillion body cells.

During a average lifetime, Heart will pump 1.5 million Barrels of Blood.

Grab a tennis ball and then squeeze it tightly – That’s how hard the Beating heart works to Pump blood.


10 Interesting and Facinating Facts about Human Brain10 Amazing Facts about Human Brain

When you Find yourself Sleeping in a New environment for the First time, your Brain processes Danger and remains Half-awake in order to be more Aware.

Yawning is a reaction, that sends more Oxygen to your Brain.

Around 100,000 Chemical reactions are happening in Human brain, Every Second.

Human Brain is split into Two side, each interacting with Opposite side of Body.

Blacking out from Drinking happens because of effect of Alcohol on Hippocampus, part of brain responsible for Memory because of alcohol effect brain becomes Incapable of Storing and Recording new Memories.

Brain has No pain Receptors and Feels no Pain that why Brain surgery can be Performed while the Patient is still Awake.

During sleep, your Body produces a Hormone that prevents you from Getting up and Acting out your Dreams.

Multitasking is actually Impossible. We are just Context Switching ( Quickly switching back and forth between different tasks).

When we recall a Memory, it’s not original Memory. Act of remaindering is an act of Creative re-imagination. Our brain Put-together memory are just bits and pieces of original memory but also has some entirely new bits pasted in.

Deja vu hasn’t been fully explained. Scientists think that it’s a neurological Glitch caused by Something being Registered in Memory before Conscious thought.

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