10 Benjamin Franklin Thoughts

10 Benjamin Franklin Thoughts and Saying for MotivationThe Wit of conversation consists more in Finding it in others, than showing a great Deal yourself. He who goes out of your Company pleased with his own Facetiousness and Ingenuity, will the sooner come into it again.

There are Two ways of being Happy – We may either Diminish our wants or augment our Means – Either will do, the Result is the same and it is for Each man to Decide for himself and do that which happens to be the Easiest. If you are Idle or sick or poor, However hard it may be to Diminish your Wants, It will be Harder to Augment your means.

The Worship of God is a Duty, the Hearing and Reading of sermons may be Useful but if men rest in Hearing and Praying, as too many do, It is as if a Tree should Value itself in being Watered and putting forth Leaves, though it never Produced any Fruit.

Men are subject to various inconveniences merely through Lack of a small Share of Courage, which is a Quality very Necessary in the common Occurrences of Life, as well as in a Battle. How many Impertinences do we Daily suffer with great Uneasiness because we have not Courage enough to Discover our Dislike.

By the Collision of different Sentiments, Sparks of Truth are struck out and Political light is obtained. The Different factions, which at Present divide us, Aim all at the Public good. The Differences are only about the Various modes of Promoting it.

The Best thing to give to your Enemy is Forgiveness; to an Opponent – Tolerance; to a Friend – your Heart; to your Child – a good Example; to a Father – Deference; to your Mother – Conduct that will make her proud of you; to Yourself – Respect; to all Others – Charity.

Happiness consists more in Small Conveniences or Pleasures that occur every day, than in Great pieces of good Fortune that happen but Seldom to a Man in the Course of his Life.

Educate your Children to Self-control, to the Habit of holding Passion and Prejudice and Evil tendencies subject to an Upright and Reasoning Will and you have done much to Abolish misery from their Future and Crimes from society.

Be Studious in your Profession and you will be Learned. Be Industrious and Frugal and you will be Rich. Be Sober and Temperate and you will be Healthy. Be in general Virtuous and you will be Happy.

The Way to Secure Peace is to be Prepared for War. They that are on their Guard and appear ready to Receive their Adversaries, are in much less Danger of being Attacked, than the Supine, Secure and Negligent.

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