Message on Company Door n Coffin - Interesting Story

Message on Company Door – Interesting Story

One day at a company, when all employees of office reached, they found a slip posted on the door. With message written on it: Yesterday that person died, who was hindering your progress in the company. A funeral has been organized in the seminar hall to pay tribute to him. Everyone is expected to be…

Two Bundles on Shoulder - Man n God Story

Two Bundles on Shoulder – Man and God Story

When God created man, he gave him two bundles. God told man to keep one bundle on the front and other one on the back behind on his shoulder. Man left with bags kept the way God said. God had kept man’s own shortcoming in one bundle and shortcoming of other’s (world) in the other…

Nails Pricking and Dog Crying - Deep Meaning

Nails Pricking and Dog Crying – Deep Meaning

A young man shifted to his new house. He really liked his new house and its atmosphere. But still there was one thing which was bothering him. Ever since he had come, sound of a dog crying, had been troubling him continuously. Young man thought that dog cry would stop after a while but this…

Rich Man Loss and Old Monk Story - Law of Life

Rich Man Loss and Old Monk – Law of Life

Once there was a very rich man. He was one of the richest person of his country but suddenly there was a loss and all his wealth was lost. His fortune-sun had set and he had no wealth left with him. In such situation he thought that there was no future before him except darkness…

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing - Point of View

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing – Point of View

In a class, two students started quarreling with each other. Seeing their quarrel, teacher asked, “What’s matter? Why you two are fighting like this?” First student said, “Sir! He is not listening to me.” Second student said, “Sir, why should i listen to him? What he is saying is wrong. So, what is use of…

Bird Lesson to King - Learning for Life

Clever Bird Lesson to King – Learning for Life

Once upon a time, a King rules in a kingdom and he had a very beautiful garden in his palace. One day a bird came to the garden and tasted grapes from vine. Grapes were sweet in taste and from that on wards that bird would come to garden every day, sit on vine and…

Vultures Living on Island - Life of Comfort

Vultures Living on Island – Life of Comfort

Once a herd of vultures reached an island which was situated in middle of sea. There were lots of fishes and sea creatures, vultures had no shortage of food and drinks there. Best part was that there were no wild animals who  would attack them. Vultures were very happy there as they never had lived…

Record on Register - Captain and Sailor Story

Half Truth – Captain and Sailor Story

A sailor had been working on a ship for three years. One day sailor got drunk at night. This happened for the first time in three years. Captain recorded the incident in the register as – The sailor was drunk tonight. Sailor read that and knew that this one sentence would have very bad effect…

Harvesting Crops - Farmer and Bird Story

Harvesting Crops – Farmer and Bird’s Nest Story

A farmer lived in a village, He had a small farm outside the village. Once after farmer was done with sowing, a bird made a nest in his field. After sometime, bird laid two eggs and soon its young one hatched from those eggs. Bird and its children started living living their life in that…

Dishonest Milkman - Moral Story for Kids

Dishonest Milkman Loss!

A milkman used to live in a village. He had ten cows whose milk he used to sell after going to city. Everyday he had to cross village river to reach city. He used to cross river by boat and after selling milk to his customers, he would back to his village by that boat….

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