15 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Internet

15 Amazing Facts about Internet

Approximately 3.2 Billion people use the Internet and 1.7 billion of those Users are from Asian countries. It took the Internet a mere Three years…

Best and Famous Benjamin Franklin Short Quotes to Inspire n Motivate

Famous Benjamin Franklin Short Quotes

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States….

18 Interesting Facts about Fruits and Vegetable Juice

18 Interesting Facts about Juice

For best results, Drink juice on Empty stomach and make sure it’s as Fresh as possible. The Softer the Texture of a fruit or vegetable,…

Car Companies Logo and Name Facts

Car Companies Logo and Name Facts

The BMW Logo derives from the Company’s origin as an Airplane manufacturer. The now Iconic blue and white ‘Target sign’ represents a Spinning white propeller…

19 Life Quotes - Aristotle Thoughts and Philosophy

19 Life Quotes by Aristotle

The Soul never Thinks without a Picture. Hope is the Dream of a Waking man. Dignity does not Consist in Possessing Honors but in Deserving…

23 Interesting Fun Facts about Cars

23 Interesting Facts about Cars

The First cars didn’t have a Steering Wheel. People had to Steer them with a Lever. The World’s first Automobile was developed by Carl Benz…