Teacher Lesson about Failure - Try Again

Why Try Again? Teacher Lesson about Failure

Ramu started a business with great enthusiasm but just after few months, his business went under. After that, time passed but Ramu didn’t started any new work. His teacher got to knew about his situation and called him to his home. Teacher welcomed Ramu and they talked for bit about each other well being. Then…

The Cat and The Fox Story

The Cat and The Fox Story

A cat and fox were very good friends. They used to spent time together and used to pass their days with great fun. Fox considered himself very clever and whenever there was talk of cleverness, it would not leave any opportunity to humiliate cat. Cat sometimes felt bad but due to friendship didn’t said anything….

Woman Complain and Air-hostess Response

Woman Complain and Air-hostess Response

A very beautiful woman entered the plane and looked around in search of her seat. She found her seat was next to a person who had no hands. Woman hesitated to sit near that handicapped person. She called air-hostess and said, “I will not be able to travel comfortably in this seat.” When air-hostess asked…

Sweet Shop Owner Complain!! Cheating Others

Sweet Shop Owner Complain!! Cheating Others

A sweet shop owner used to go to a farmer to buy butter. One day, he went and bought 1kg butter from farmer. That day sweet shop owner thought, “I never checked weight of butter given by farmer. I should check it today.” So he put butter on one side of scale and 1kg weight…

Shepherd Boy and Wolf Story! Aesop's Fable

Shepherd Boy and Wolf Story!

Once in village lived a shepherd boy. He used to take his sheep to meadow located near forest for grazing. He would leave his sheep to graze and himself would sit under a tree and watch them. This was his daily routine. He used to get bored sitting there and wanted some adventure in his…

Free Food Service by Rich Man!! Story about Charity

Free Food Service by Rich Man!!

Once a Seth (Rich man) started a free food service place for the poor. Spirit of charity was less in him but still he did charity because he wanted society to praise him as generous person. He had wholesale business. At end of month, whatever grains were left which were not good to be sold…

Lion Response to Pig's Provocation!

Lion Response to Pig’s Provocation!

Once lived a lion in a forest who was young, strong and owner of beautiful body. There was no one in forest equal in strength to him. All animals in forest respected him. One day, weather was hot. Lion went out in search of prey, he became troubled by heat. Cool air was blowing near…

Effect of Teaching in Life - Buddha Discourse

Effect of Teaching in Life – Buddha’s Discourse

Buddha used to give discourse to his followers. Not only people from village but many people from far away places would come to listen to his discourse. A person used to come from far away, everyday to listen to discourse given by Buddha. For about a month, he continued to come to listen to discourse….

Stop Flow of Thoughts! Man n Sadhu Story

Stop Flow of Thoughts! Man n Sadhu Story

Once a man went to his Guru and said, “Guru ji, flow of my thoughts is bothering me a lot. Please help me.” Guru gave him address of another Sadhu and said, “Go and look carefully at his overall life-style. There you will find solution to your problem.” Man went to Sadhu house and told…

Blacksmith and Chain Story - Deep Meaning

Blacksmith and Chain Story – Deep Meaning

In Rome, lived a blacksmith who was famous all over world for his unmatched skills. Whatever he made, was unbreakable. Therefore, goods made in that blacksmith’s shop were respected all over world and were sold in distant market. One time, Rome was attacked and lost the war. Many main dignitaries who were in Rome were…

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