Short Story on Faithful Dog - Heart Touching Stories abt Dogs Faithfulness

Dog Friend’s with Little Kid..!!

Jimmy lived in city with his family but he loved nature so for his son’s birthday he decided to go to forest for celebration with…

Snake and The Holy man Story - Teaching Life Lesson Short Moral Stories

Holy Man and Snake’s Hissing..!!

Once in small village lived a snake who used to attack and kill village animals. Villagers wanted to respect all creatures but they hate that…

Frog and Scorpion Story - Short Stories about True Character of Person

Scorpio’s Nature..!! (Must Read)

One day a scorpion looked at his surrounding of mountains and decided that he wanted to change. So, after few days he started his journey…

Short Stories on Faith in God - Best Moral Stories for Life in Difficult Time

Keeping Faith in GOD..!!

Deep inside forest, A pregnant deer was about to give birth. She looked here and there and found a remote grass field near a river….

Friend in Need is Frnd in Deed- Moral Stories Based on Friendship

Hare Who was Very Friendly!!

Once in a forest lived a hare who was very friendly with all other animals in forest. He nature was generous and would always help…

Story of Two Frogs in Milk - Never Lose Hope Story

Story of Two Frogs in Milk

In a pond lived two frogs. One day while playing on a rainy day slowly they hopped and hopped entered a house. As they hopped…

Goat and Horse Story - Living Without Recognition Story

Goat and Horse Story..!!

Once there was a farmer who had a goat and a horse. One day horse become ill so farmer called veterinarian. Vet said, “Your horse…

Chained Elephant Story - Motivational Stories for Life English

The Chained Elephant Story..!!

As a man was passing by the circus. He suddenly stopped amused and confused by seeing that a small rope was tied to the front…