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Find Your Own Vision to Achieve Goal..!!

Spiritual Stories with Morals - Zen Master Teaching for Life Lesson StoriesOnce a Zen master had a dog. Dog loved his evening play with his master. Daily they used to play a game in evening.

Master used to throw the stick and dog would go ahead to fetch a stick and run back and give ball to master and sit there wiggling tail waiting for next game.

There were many student who used to learn from master but one student used to question a lot about contradictions in Buddhist doctrine. So one particular evening, when master was out with his dog to play, he also invited this students to join him.

Master said, “You must understand that words which are use to teach you are just guideposts. So, never let words or symbols get in the way of truth.”

“Let me show you..”, master continued.

With this teacher called his dog then pointed his finger toward moon and said, “Fetch me the moon..”

“Tell me, where is my dog looking?” Master asked his student who was standing there with master.

“He is looking at your finger”, Student answer.

Master looked in students eyes and said, “Exactly..!! Don’t be like my dog. Don’t confuse the pointing finger with the thing that it is being pointed at. You need to understand that all Buddhist words are only guidepost and every man fight his way through other men’s word to find his own truth.”

Leader’s Job is not to set his vision on his people but to have goals of the vision and Let everyone find their own Vision.

When we want to Learn Spiritually We need to understand that to find Ultimate Truth we Need to have Vision of our Own to Achieve it.

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