Power of Wisdom Stories - Best King and Sage Fortune Telling Short Story

Sage Reply to Angry King..!!

Once there was very famous sage and used to live outside of Ramnagar of Manipur Kingdom. He was known for his fortune telling and everyone…

Best Advice for Better Life - Practical and Motivational Tips for Social Life

Tips for Better Life…!!

21 Practical and Motivational Advice’s for Better Life..!! 1. Think twice before Burdening a friend with a Secret. 2. Beware of the person who has…

Think Wisely Moral Stories - Wisdom Short Stories about Problems in Life

Change Your Vision..!!

Once there was very wealthy man who was suffering from severe eye pain. He consulted many doctors and tried their treatments but nothing helped. Even…

Moral Stories About Life - Moving on in Life Encouraging Motivational Story

Little Kid Problem Solution..!!

Once a little boy slowly walked in to his mother’s room. His mother was sitting at her desk writing. Mother took a glance at him…

Zen Master Stories - Judging Others Short Moral Stories for Kids to Learn

Judging Other’s Short Stories..!!

Story 1: Try to See Yourself..!! Once Japanese master said to his disciples, “When you look at your companions, try to see yourself..” One of…

Grandpa Stories with Morals - Motivational Lessons for Life Short Stories

Grandpa Lesson to Kid..!!

Once a little boy went out with his grandfather. While roaming around in market at one place they saw that a shoe maker was being…

Heart Touching Short Stories With Moral - Best Story About Joy of Giving

Letter from God..!! (Must Read)

Once a lady got a letter. She looked at envelope and saw that there was no stamp and no postmark, it had only her name…

Nasrudin and His Donkey Story - Moral Story about Pleasing Everyone

Not Possible to Please All..!!

Once Nasrudin and his son set out to market with their donkey walking beside them. On their way they passed by a bunch of people….