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How to Handle Provocation Story - Best Moral Stories for Adults Better Life

Elephant Reaction…!!

Once an elephant was coming back towards it’s herd from bath in a near by river. On his way, he saw a pig walking toward…

Short Stories Criticism - How to Deal with Criticism Short Moral Story

Teacher’s Mistake..!!

In a class, when all students were present, math teacher wrote on board: 9 x 1 = 9 9 × 2 = 18 9 ×…

Short Stories with Good Morals - Dont Fall for Pretender Lies Moral Story

Archery Skills…!!

Once there was a King who was very proud of his archery skills. One day he went out and while he was passing through his…

Be Content in Life Story - Brothers Stories with Moral Lesson fr Happy Life

Three Brothers Wishes..!!

Once upon a time in a village lived three brothers named Sam, Tom and Ben in a small cottage. There were honest and hardworking. They…

Dream Short Stories - Harsh Reality of Life Short Story with Deep Meaning

Dream Meaning…!!

Once a man saw a strange dream. He couldn’t understand meaning of his dream. So, one day he decided to visit holy man to ask…

Friendship Moral Stories - Think Twice Before Trusting Someone Story with Lesson

Rich Man Locker Keys..!!

Once in a town lived a rich man. He had very successful business. He met a man who used to visit to his shop daily….

Pandavas Short Stories - Doing Work on Time Moral Stories for Kids Life Lesson

If Not Now, When??

Once upon a time a beggar came to Yudhisthira. He asked him for help. Yudhisthira was busy that time so he just replied, “Come tomorrow..”…

Short Stories on Negative Attitude - Motivational Stories fr Kids to Learn Life Lesson

God’s Plan..!!

Once in village lived a man who was very lazy and didn’t liked to work. So he would always look for easiest way to feed…

Karma Short Stories - Why we Suffer Interesting Deep Meaning Story for Adults

Why do We Suffer..??

The fruit of the unknown Karma…? Long time ago, a King invited Brahmans for Bhoj (feast). Bhoj was organized on large scale so the kitchen…