Curious Young Mind Questions for Life Story - What's God/ Destiny

Curious Young Mind Questions!!

A young man wanted to find answers about life and God so he always look for wise people to ask. He met lots of people…

Bag of Coins - Greed Stories for Kids Moral Short Stories English

Bag of Coins!!

Once in a village lived a very greedy man Paul. He always wanted to have lots of money and wish to own everything to himself….

Moral Lesson Stories - Short Stories with Moral for Kids

Quiz for Students !!

During first month of college, Professor gave his students a list of quiz questions. In his class there was one student name Sam. He was…

Moral Stories about Kindness - Little Act of Love and Care

Making a Difference!!

A guy used to go for jog around a park. By the park there was a lake. Each time he used to go for jog…

Cookie Thief Story - Airport Cookie Thief Short Moral Stories

The Cookie Thief..!!

One night, a woman was waiting at the airport for the flight but she had to wait for several hours. So she went to airport…

Wise Poor Pandit Reply - Judging by Appearance Stories

Wise Pandit’s Reply to Householder

In a village, there lived a Pandit. Despite being well-versed in all Scriptures and knowing everything he was very poor and didn’t have a house….

Cruel King's Changed Heart - Good and Evil Short Stories

Cruel King’s Changed Heart..

Once there was a King who was so cruel and unjust that people in his kingdom yearned for his death. However, Surprisingly one day he…