Short Stories on Judging Others - Best Moral Story About Change in Life

Old Man Lesson to his Sons..!!

An old man had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn a very important lesson for life.¬† So he decided to sent each of…

99 Club Story for Adults with Moral to Live Life Fullest n Happy

What’s Meaning of 99 Club??

Once upon a time lived a King who was not happy or content despite his Luxurious lifestyle. One day, king saw a servant who was…

Lion and Slave Short Story - Helping Others Moral Stories

Lion and Slave Story!!

Once in a village lived a rich man. He had many slaves and helpers for work. Slaves used to work very hard for master but…

Stone Cutter Wish Story - Stories about Wish to be Most Powerful

Want to be Most Powerful!!

Once there was a stone cutter who was always dis satisfied with himself and his life. One day he was passing¬† by a rich merchant…

Is God Evil or Good Short Story in English - Student vs Professor

Is God Evil or Good??

Once a university professor went to a class to give lecture. Professor asked students a question. He asked, “Everything that exist is created by God??”…

Curious Young Mind Questions for Life Story - What's God/ Destiny

Curious Young Mind Questions!!

A young man wanted to find answers about life and God so he always look for wise people to ask. He met lots of people…

Bag of Coins - Greed Stories for Kids Moral Short Stories English

Bag of Coins!!

Once in a village lived a very greedy man Paul. He always wanted to have lots of money and wish to own everything to himself….

Moral Lesson Stories - Short Stories with Moral for Kids

Quiz for Students !!

During first month of college, Professor gave his students a list of quiz questions. In his class there was one student name Sam. He was…