Moral Lesson Stories - Father Son Valuable Lesson for Life Moral Story

Throwing Coins into Well..!!

Once in a city lived a very successful businessman. His only son who was still a young boy was lazy and fun loving. His son…

Short Stories on Rumors - Rumour is a Great Traveler Best Moral Stories

Pieces of Paper..!! (Must Read)

Once in a village there was an old man who was didn’t like his young neighbor. So he spread rumors saying, “My neighbor is a…

Sharing with Others - Sharing Goodness and Happiness with Others Moral

What do you Share with Others..??

Once a wise man bought a very big and beautiful house. This house had a huge orchard in front and it filled with trees bearing…

Short Stories about Choices and Consequences - Prince Dwarf Moral Story

Princes and Dwarfs Story..!!

Once upon a time.. In a kingdom king had two princes. They liked to play in forest. One day while playing in forest they came…

Moral Stories on Power and Responsibility - Never Look Down on Others

Hermit’s Power..!!

Once a hermit used to live in forest and meditated for years. With his devotion he got powers from God which he could use in…

Short Story about Respect - Witch and Knight Short Moral Stories to Learn

Old Witch and Noble Knight..!!

Once there was a very noble name Arthur who was captured by his neighboring king. Enemy could have killed him but Enemy king knew that…

Smart Work Short Stories - Hard Work vs Smart Work Winning Short Story

Hard Work vs Smart Work..!!

In a town, every year an annual lumberjack competition was held. The rule for the competition was simple, who ever cut the most tree at…

The Holy Man Short Story - Judging Other on Basis of Their Appearance

Holy Man Advice..!!

Once people of a village came to know about a wise holy man who used to live in a small house on mountain top which…

Wisdom and Knowledge Stories - Working Together Stories

Learning and Wisdom Stories..!!

Story 1: Why to Learn Together..?? Once all disciples were sitting with master. One of disciple questioned his master, “Master, Everyone says that to find…

Bird and Hunter Story - Foolishness vs Cleverness Short Moral Stories

Bird’s Three Counsels..!!

Once a hunter went into a forest for hunting. There he caught a bird. Bird said to hunter, “You must have eaten many big animals….